Our Cloud

Cloud Proven Networks’ Private Cloud Services are enterprise level Fortune 500 technology services, available at a price an independent organization can afford. Our virtualized services are designed for critical applications.

Our services include: 

  • World-class, cost-effective, secure and highly available infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
  • Scalable to business growth without costly migrations. 
  • Customizable and affordable enterprise data center solutions. 
  • SAS 70 Type II certified facilities (SSAE-16 certified)

What does it mean to choose a Private Cloud Private Cloud enviroment?

It's a choice that puts your business in control of your technology environment with accessible data that can be moved whenever and wherever you choose - all within a triple redundant secure environment.

Why use our Private Cloud Hosting Services?

Improve System resource utilization
Balance computing load to increase performance
Provide application high-availability
Provide application disaster recovery
Create segmentation to provide layers of security
Provide HIPAA compliant security
Develop a quality of service policy to ensure priority application have best response
Implement appropriate access control
Complete device redundacy

Cloud Proven Private vDC Service

Different than Traditional Cloud Virtualization

  • A traditional virtualization model is centered on the dedicated provision of services for a specific server or system
  • The Cloud Proven environment is setup to assign pooled resources dynamically to meet demand, and maintain maximum service/performance levels with far fewer resources.
  • Our cluster is designed to exceed the limitations of one underlying physical server's resources.

Superior Client Experience

Clients who have chosen Cloud Proven leaving traditional environments and cloud service providers are experiencing:

  • Dramatic performance improvements
  • Dramatically reduced exposure to emerging threats
  • Obtainable disaster recovery
  • Far lower infrastructure cost (30% ~ 50%+)
  • Zero capital investment or continued reinvestment

Suppercomputer Resources

We utilize Infni-Band (40Gbs+) high-speed ultra-low latency (compared to Ethernet) connections to had-wire compute resources into a supercomputing cluster.  Our cluster is designed to exceed the limitations of one underlying physical server's recourses. 

Our Data Centers


  • Three-factor authentication
  • Blast-safe facilities
  • 24x7 video surveillance and Managed NOC


  • Audited SSAE-16 Compliant Facilities (SAS 70 Type II)


  • Data centers are geographically disbursed to maintain availability
  • Data centers located in Indianapolis, IN, Lexington, MA, and Waterford, MI


  • Three power feeds from separate power substations
  • Multiple isolated generators for continuous uninterruptable power (UPS)
  • 6000 gallon reserve backup fuel


  • N+1 fire suppression and climate cooling redundancy
  • Zoned Dry Pipe Fire Suppression
  • F-5 Tornado Resistant Facility

Private Cloud Data Center Platform Advantages

Multiple design options to segment servers by security and compliance requirements

Ability to allocate resources as needed to support servers and applications


Data Backup Architecture Advantages

Simple and Affordable Data Recovery

  • No agents to license, deploy, monitor or maintain
  • Single console mangement of VMware and Hyper-V
  • Ability to restore single file and application data
  • Restore systems to a ready to go remote Data Center

Distributed Cloud Architecture

  • Centralized mangement
  • Data Recovery target proxies (Onsite rentention capability)
  • WAN optimization technology
  • Intelligent load balancing