Our Private Cloud Hosting

Our private Cloud puts you in control of your data and management capabilities within a virtual data center - all within a triple redundant secure environment.

Reduce your risk with our custom engineered, fault tolerant, highly available systems and state of the art security platform. Continuous monitoring systems oversee data centers to ensure your system's uptime and performance. 

Capacity is always available on demand as your needs change. Simply login to gain access to your system from any location. System updates, network, and security is maintained by your own engineering experts. 


Network Overview


Web-based Management

Built-in System Compliance Auditing


Different than Traditional Cloud Virtualization

  • A traditional virtualization model is centered on the dedicated provision of services for a specific server or system.
  • The Cloud Proven environment is setup to assign pooled resources dynamically to meet demand, and maintain maximum service/performance levels with far fewer resources.
  • Our cluster is designed to exceed the limitations of one underlying physical server's resources.

Superior Client Experience

Clients who have chosen Cloud Proven leaving traditional environments and cloud service providers are experiencing:

  • Dramatic performance improvements
  • Dramatically reduced exposure to emerging threats
  • Obtainable disaster recovery
  • Far lower infrastructure cost (30% ~ 50%+)
  • Zero capital investment or continued reinvestment

Supercomputer Resources

We utilize Infiniband(40 Gbps+) high-speed ultra-low latency (compared to Ethernet) connections to hard-wire compute resources into a supercomputing cluster.

Our cluster design exceeds limitations of one underlying physical server's resources.

Why choose our private cloud services?

Increase Performance and Availability

  • Increase critical tier 1 applications performance beyond a single physical server (cluster computing).

  • Distribute resources on demand (I/O, Networking, Processing and Memory) to specific servers as needed.

  • Eliminate need for continuous network, server and storage hardware upgrades.

  • Maintain most advanced infrastructure and security.

  • Provide High Availability to any application (previously too costly in a physical environment)

  • Increase access speeds for multiple remote locations without higher cost connectivity to main location.

  • Increase stability within a hardened data center with enterprise high availability hardware vs. on-site IT closet limitations.

Reduce Cost

  • Reduce costs for IT system management and on-site overhead/support

  • Rental options for Microsoft and security licensing to reduce capital expenditures.

  • Never invest in new server or security infrastructure again.

  • Utilize burstable resources when needed without cost of dedicated resources (compute, bandwidth, etc.)

  • Consult with Cloud Proven Networks' expert engineering team as needed vs. hiring additional staff.