High level protection for your virtual servers against threat and data loss that standard firewalls simply can't provide.

Our Data Security Services

Today's Internet applications evade traditional security measures. Cloud Proven Networks' 360 degree Protection Barrier provides comprehensive protection against traditional security weaknesses. 


Web Application Protection

Application agnostic: Instant protection without changing your web server. Increase web server performance by offloading SSL(HTTPS). 

Malware Scanning: Dual anti-virus engines scan your files and web content. Protect your web server from spreading viruses. 

Application firewall: Process and intelligently modify all web server communication to identify and block hacking attempts. Stop intruders from manipulating your web content. 

Detailed logging: Reports of logged and analyzed transactions and attacks. Helps keep clients HIPAA and PCI compliant.


More equipment is not the solution

  • Doesn't solve the problem
  • Firewall "helpers" have limited view of traffic
  • Complex and costly to buy and maintain
  • No attack event correlation
  • Lacks ability to detect day one threats
  • Without constant management extended features don't offer much improvement in security

Traditional Data Security Weaknesses

  • No visibility into or control of applications
  • No immediate mitigation against vulnerabilities and threats. 
  • Dependence on reactive anti-virus/malware client applications. 

In today's world, organizations rely on high availability systems and secure data. Our Data Security Services offer:

  • Application and individual user based blocking of unauthorized access to different network servers and resources 
  • Intrusion prevention against malicious hacking attempts 
  • Application threat inspection for exploits and vulnerabilities
  • Network-based antivirus and malware protection to mitigate threats 
  • Web filtering with ability to restrict suspicious sites, high risk sites and known or suspected malware/phishing sites 
  • SSL data inspection to protect against harmful activity within a secure connection
  • Data loss prevention can be programmed to protect personal data such as social security numbers, account numbers or credit cards 
  • Web firewalling (WAF) to protect against unauthorized access to public accessible servers and websites. 

Additional Data Security Services Include:

  1. Content Filtering Service offers ability to exclude access to specific web pages or content categories. 
  2. Endpoint Device Protection Service offers device encryption, management, anti-virus/malware protection and threat vulnerability protection for desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.