Immediate cloud benefits when starting with data backup and recovery


Simple protection in the cloud

· You are in full control to restore in minutes, not days, which minimizes data loss and dramatically reduces recovery times to keep your business up and running.

· Protection from data corruption, deleted files/data, malicious attacks, equipment failure and even natural disasters.

· Our offsite backup disaster recovery solution is very competitively priced, due to our hyper-converged compute resource design.

· Gain experience working in Cloud Proven’s platform and easily transition to additional hosted services when ready.

· Our secure data centers includes three-factor authentication, blast-safe facilities, with 24 x 7 video surveillance. Uninterrupted power flows from three feeds from separate power substations. There are multiple isolated generators and a 6000 gallon reserved backup fuel. The facility has N+1 fire suppression and climate cooling redundancy, zoned pipe fire suppression and F-5 tornado resistance.

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