RecoverCloud™ provides low cost data backup and recovery


It is time to safeguard your business in the event something happens to data or systems. Without the high cost of backup software, implementing new processes or investing in expertise, RecoverCloud™ can be automatically implemented with little cost, no hassles and no ongoing systems management.


RecoverCloud™ makes data backup and recovery a simple extension of administering your private cloud. Forget the hassles, time and effort your team spends ensuring the right level and frequency of backup happen for every application and every user in your system. In addition, with RecoverCloud™ your backup is automatically located and stored at a geographically different data center location which provides a higher level of security to your data backup process.


Ensure your business stays “plugged” in


In today’s “plugged-in” world where customers demand access 24/7, being “unplugged” or offline is NOT acceptable. Companies cannot exist without their digital customer interfaces and data. That being said, not every business application requires the same level of accessibility. RecoverCloud™ is designed to allow you to determine the appropriate backup. Giving you the most customizable and flexible solution based on your business requirements and cost objectives.

Don’t become a bad statistic


Expert guidance from RecoverTeam™


Our RecoverTeam™ gives expert guidance and leads you through the process of designing and developing your recovery solution, and then RecoverCloud™ takes over the administration and management of the process freeing your team to focus on projects that drive your business forward.

Regardless of the complexity of your IT environment and business, Cloud Proven’s RecoverTeam™ will help develop the perfect solution to obtain your business objectives and stay within your budget. Our RecoverTeam™ has vast experience helping clients identify their goals, working with single application recovery plans to large enterprise level installations, recovering both physical and virtual machines and securing all environments to ensure full data protection and recovery.

Cloud Proven’s RecoverTeam™ not only helps to design and implement your data backup and recovery solution, but also helps you document the entire process in your own RecoverBook™. Your RecoverBook™ isn’t just a step by step process for recovering systems and data, but rather takes a holistic approach that includes IT, operations, business owners and senior executives. This ensures that in the event of an unplanned outage there is a single document that identifies timelines, recovery objectives, step by step procedures, authorizations, contact information – internal and external, configurations and more.

RecoverCloud™ provides your organization the ultimate data protection, ensuring your business operates regardless of the situation or crisis.


Not one size fits all

RecoverCloud™ provides automated replication of your system to keep your data available and alleviate the need for manual, onsite backups.

Complete Image Backup

Provides a point-in-time complete backup for clients with an existing onsite data center to create a private cloud recovery solution with geographic redundancy.


Live Replication

Robust virtualized recovery solution intended exclusively for VM (virtual machine) to VM disaster recovery.


Automate backup and disaster recovery


Recover your operating systems and data in minutes, not days. Backups can be automatically replicated offsite to Cloud Proven’s data center, with remote full data recovery ability. This removes all manual processes and eliminates the hassle and risk with physical hard drives – while allowing complete recovery of your entire environment to predetermined points in time, even hourly. This greatly minimizes data loss and dramatically reduces recovery times to keep business up and running. You will have protection from data corruption, deleted files/data, malicious attacks, equipment failure and even natural disasters.

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The Cloud Proven Process

we’ve got your back!

With RecoverCloud™, your solution is tailored, tested and maintained to ensure a secured fail-over environment and network is ready when your business needs it.

Our proven processes, cloud solutions and services allow our team to collaborate with yours: defining requirements, building your RecoverCloud™, onboarding your organization, securing your RecoverCloud™, testing and providing a highly available totally secure environment.

Cloud Proven’s five key phases ensure your solution is completely customized to your unique business requirements and covers all bases that would have an impact on bringing up your system after a disaster or an outage has been declared.


RecoverCloud™ Process



architecture advantages


Distributed cloud architecture

  • Centralized management

  • Data recovery target proxies (onsite retention capability)

  • WAN optimization technology

  • Intelligent load balancing

Simple and affordable data recovery

  • No agents to license, deploy, monitor, or maintain

  • Single console management of VMware and Hyper-V

  • Ability to restore single file and application data

  • Restore data and systems to the remote data center for business continuity


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