ensures high availability for your end users


OurCloud™ runs the Cloud Proven Product Suite - the systems behind the service!

Our secure data centers include three-factor authentication, blast-safe facilities, with 24 x 7 video surveillance. Uninterruptible power flows from three feeds from separate power substations. There are multiple isolated generators and a 6,000 gallon reserved backup fuel. The facility has N+1 fire suppression and climate cooling redundancy, zoned pipe fire suppression and F-5 tornado resistance.

Cloud Proven’s Product Suite is enterprise level Fortune 500 technology services, available at a price any organization can afford. Our virtualized services are designed for critical applications.


What does it mean to choose a private cloud environment?

It's a choice to put your business in control of your technology environment with accessible data that can be moved whenever and wherever you choose - all within a triple redundant secure environment. PrivateCloud™ will enable you to experience high performance, support and flexibility from the cloud with the added control, security and customization of a 100% isolated environment.


Why use Cloud Proven

Improve system resource utilization
Balance computing load to increase performance
Provide application high-availability
Provide application disaster recovery
Create segmentation to provide layers of security
Provide HIPAA compliant security
Develop a quality of service policy to ensure priority applications have the best response
Implement appropriate access control
Complete device redundancy


Our Data Centers


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