ExpertCloud™ cloud expertise


Access to the IT expertise and resources you need to simplify, navigate, operate and optimize your applications and take advantage of the latest technologies. We offer consulting services to augment ongoing management expertise and fulfill specialized technical needs.


An army of cloud experts

Cloud Proven’s ExpertCloud™ army is highly trained professionals in cloud technology, systems, network, architecture, strategy, operations, implementation, security, disaster recovery and data backup. Whether you need field ops or the expertise, skills and strategy of our special forces, Cloud Proven is here and ready to help by deploying our ExpertCloud™ army.

The Cloud Proven team has been hand-picked based on their infield cloud experience, training and knowledge. Regardless of your cloud initiative or challenge, there probably isn’t an experience our ExpertCloud™ army of professionals hasn’t encountered.

Achieve your cloud initiatives; enlist the resources of our ExpertCloud™ army

Our passion is providing cost-effective, highly secure and both customizable and flexible private cloud platform and solutions to any size client, so we stay focused and trained on the latest cloud strategy and technology.

Our team of experts and enthusiasts has worked in the cloud since its evolution; they have seen and done it all. Take the time to ask questions and provide your ideas about how the cloud would benefit you. Then, let our team’s passion and experience help build the right cloud solution for your organization.

You can harness the power of the cloud, operate it to maximize efficiency and do everything you need – WITHOUT hiring additional staff or investing in your team’s skill development.


Our ExpertCloud™ certifications


Keeping on top of the latest technology

Our team is highly trained and has years of experience working in the cloud, but we don’t stop there, we strive to achieve the latest certifications and understanding of how new technology can be used in building custom solutions for our clients.


We’ve got your back!

Our proven processes, cloud solutions and services allow our team to collaborate with yours: defining requirements, building your cloud, onboarding your organization, securing your private cloud, testing and providing a highly available totally secure environment.

The five key phases in our process ensure your solution is totally customized to your unique business requirements and safeguards a smooth transition to the cloud.

The Cloud Proven Process

The Cloud Proven Process


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Want to learn more about the Cloud Proven Product Suite

Want to learn more about the Cloud Proven Product Suite